Hi, I’m clinical psychologist Seth Gillihan.

In this course I'll be teaching you the fundamentals of mindfulness-centered cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and how to use these approaches to manage anxiety, stress, and worry.

This course is for you if you're looking for research-based ways to calm your mind, release tension, and find more ease in your days.

Introduction to the Course

In this 4-week course you'll learn how mindfulness-centered cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help you manage anxiety, deal with stress, and worry less.

Each week during the course I'll release a new lesson that you can complete at your convenience. Return to the lessons as often as you like—once you've paid for the course, you'll have lifetime access to the materials.

I've designed the course to be manageable so you can fit it into your busy days. Each lesson begins with a brief grounding exercise to prepare you for the day's work. Lessons typically take about 25-30 minutes and are video-based. You'll then have the opportunity to apply what you learn between sessions, using customized worksheets to enhance your practice.

This course is for anyone facing overwhelming uncertainty, stress, and anxiety, as so many of us are. I hope you'll join us.

Course Curriculum

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Train your thoughts to serve you well.


Plan behaviors that match your goals.


Open to your present experience.

Develop Your Personalized Plan

Take what you learn with you.

Please note: This course is available to all, regardless of financial means. Please pay what you can afford, from full tuition to full scholarship. Whatever you're able to pay will support this work and make it available for those who are anxious, stressed, and struggling to make ends meet.

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Wishing you all the best as you take the course.

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