Introduction to the Course

Discover how this course can help you manage anxiety, stress, and worry.


In this 4-week course you'll learn how mindfulness-centered cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help you manage anxiety, deal with stress, and worry less.

It includes 24 lessons that you can complete at your own pace. I've designed the course to be manageable so you can fit it into your busy days.

Each lesson begins with a brief grounding exercise to prepare you for the day's work. Lessons typically take about 20-30 minutes and are video-based. You'll then have the opportunity to apply what you learn between sessions, using customized worksheets to enhance your practice.

You'll also be invited to join Q&A video calls where you can ask questions and discuss how the course is going for you. I'll look forward to being able to connect with you through these calls. (Calls will be recorded and posted for those who can't be on them.)

You'll also receive a copy of The CBT Deck, with 101 daily exercises so you can keep practicing the skills you learn.

I'm really happy to offer this course and I hope you'll join us.

Hi, I’m clinical psychologist Seth Gillihan.

In this course I'll be teaching you the fundamentals of mindfulness-centered cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and how to use these approaches to manage anxiety, stress, and worry.

This course is for you if you're looking for research-based ways to lower your anxiety, deal effectively with stress, and worry less.

Week 1

Introduction to Stress, Anxiety, & Worry

Week 2

Reduce Stress

The CBT Deck

Included with the course

Week 3

Manage Anxiety

Week 4

Quiet Worry

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